All of our food is sourced and infused with love

We are so lucky to live in a county where we have an abundance of delicious produce from people who genuinely care about the land and everything on it! From insects to people everything has a role to play and we want to ensure where possible that anything we bring to the pub is as natural as we can find. If we can’t find it we’ll try to do it ourselves.  

We’re not here to tell you how or what you should be eating so our aim is to cater for everyone whilst still retaining our ethos. You won’t find any heavily processed food served on your plate and we only use sugar in recipes that really need it. We avoid products with artificial sweeteners and if possible we replace sugar with ingredients such as honey or date syrup. 

Our meat and fish is responsibly sourced from companies who care as much as we do about animal welfare and we always  support support local farmers and fishermen. 


We want to make all of our guests’ day – including by providing you with the allergen and nutrition information you need to make an informed choice from our menu. We are more than happy to and can usually tailor most of our meals so they are available for anyone with the 14 major allergens requirements. Whilst we do our best and do follow guidelines to ensure Gluten/Dairy/Nut free meals, they are prepared in the same kitchen as meals containing certain allergens. Please chat with one of the team for more information. 

Some of our lovely suppliers

Ben – Fellows farm 3.9 miles away

Fellows Farm is part of the e5bakehouse based in Hackney, London and is a 70 acre organically certified farm in Suffolk.

They have two sites which include a market garden, arable fields growing heritage cereals, a mill, vineyard, microbakery, weaving studio, campsite and 15 acres of permanent wildflower meadow. 

They are dedicated to making and growing food that is healthy, for ourselves and for the planet, and sharing this process openly with as many people as possible.

Salter & King – 22.5 miles away

Many of us at the pub are vegetarian as a response to the cruel farming methods inflicted on animals that is considered ok by governing bodies. At Salter and King they carefully source all their meat combining pasture-fed, naturally reared and slow-grown meat with a passionate and progressive approach to butchery. They also offer exceptional organic, free-range and traditional-breed meat from our cohort of enlightened Suffolk farmers. It’s a relief to find a butcher’s that clearly cares about the health of the animals it sells.

80 years serving the people of Suffolk

Foulgers Dairy has been owned and run by Adrian Foulger since 1999. Adrian is the third generation of his family to be involved in the milk industry. His grandfather Norman Foulger started dairy farming over 80 years ago in Grundisburgh, producing and delivering fresh milk to the village. Adrian’s father Edwin and his two brothers John and Geoffrey worked alongside their father for many years building the herd and expanding the business.

In the 1930’s, Dennis Richards was an Apple Grower in the village of Little Blakenham. He sold his produce locally and in the London Markets.
His son Hugh joined the firm in 1964 and eventually went to London with the Apples. He started coming back with Fruit and Vegetables to sell to his local customers. He ended up coming back with more then he took.

Hugh took over the business when his father retired. After a while he moved premises to Burstall. In 2002 he re-located to Witnesham and a modern purpose built warehouse.

    His Son Steve and Daughter Sue now run the Day to Day management of purchase and distribution using Imported and local produce such as Local Milk,  Bread, Eggs, Oil, Herbs and Fruit and Vegetables. As well as produce from around the world.
Steve takes care of the purchasing and selling side of the business, while Sue predominately takes care of the accounts and Telesales.


For any other products we either use Suma or go down to our local European supermarket where they support a huge range of cultures and employees. You always get to speak to a human and there’s no encouragement to use card over cash.